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Advertised Since: Thursday 23 February 2012

1. Harris 16 Shaft Table Loom

Harris 16 shaft table loom.  33 1/4 " (845mm) weaving width.  Each shaft has approx. 114 heddles on.

At least 40 years old - in basically good condition but does need some renovation.  The most significant renovation is the need for a new apron.  Most of the heddles have a very small amount of rust on them.  As in the illustration below, they are operated from the front, not the sides.

The loom frame was detached from the heddle section when moving to a smaller house and has not been reassembled but the picture below of an eight shaft Harris loom gives a good idea of what my 16 shaft loom is like when fully assembled.  Photographs of my loom in its two constituent parts will be available for anyone interested in buying it.  A warping board is available as part of the sale if required.  (55cm wide x 132.5 cm long x 25cm deep).  If bought and collected with the loom £25.

Collection only from East Yorkshire.



Contact: Lawrence Trender
Tel: 01964 533 020
Advertised Since: Wednesday 10 April 2024

2. Weavemaster Four Shaft Table Loom

Weavemaster Four Shaft Table Loom.  Rugmaster model 232 with original handbook.
Width 91 cms  Depth 76 cms  Height 50 cms  There are 2 reeds 
Collection only from near Glastonbury.


Contact: Anne Green
Tel: 01458 860517 or 07726 520 806
Advertised Since: Friday 08 March 2024

3. Rigid Heddle Loom

Wooden Rigid Heddle Loom in working order with 3 reeds of various widths, 2 shuttles, clamps, a peg and hook for warping, plus instructions.  This is the easiest loom to learn to weave with.  Collection only from North Devon subject to full cash payment please.

£150 ono

Contact: Trisha Martin
Tel: 07815 130784
Advertised Since: Wednesday 13 March 2024

4. Eight Shaft Harris Table Loom

Eight shaft Harris table loom complete with double back beam.  3 years old. 70cm wide.   Comes with heddles, 17 sticks, 2 cross sticks etc.  8 dpi reed. Shuttle.   Perfect condition.  Collection only from Norwich, Norfolk.


Contact: Rebecca Hiscock
Tel: 07568 573 228
Advertised Since: Monday 03 May 2021

5. Swedish Mora Band Loom

A brand new Mora Band Loom that I imported from Sweden - these are used to make the traditional Swedish woven bands. These are impossible to buy anywhere else but via a retailer in America I tracked down a sole maker in the Mora province of Sweden!! However, I've never even put the loom together - all it needs is wood glue to stick the pieces together. The pictures are  of what the finished loom looks like - and one being glued together.  They work similarly to a Glimakra band loom and are great for the really complex bands.
Collection from SW London


Contact: Rachel Taylor
Tel: 07957 736 310
Advertised Since: Monday 18 March 2024

6. Eight Shaft Ashford Katie Loom

Eight shaft Ashford Katie loom.  Complete with carry bag, raddle, 3 reeds, cross sticks and instruction booklet.

A good loom for learning on.  Collection only from Hampshire.

£700 ono

Contact: Stephanie
Tel: 01794 522 904
Advertised Since: Wednesday 29 May 2024

7. Ashford 16 Shaft Loom plus Stand

16 shaft Ashford loom plus stand.  24" weaving width.  Complete with raddle, cross sticks, 3 reeds, 1 reed for shaped weaving.  Shuttles, warp straightener.  Used for double weave and shaped weaving.  10 years old.

Collection only from Hampshire.


Contact: Stephanie
Tel: 01794 522 904
Advertised Since: Wednesday 29 May 2024

8. Louet Kombo 70 4 X 4n Folding Table Loom

Louet Kombo 70 4 X 4 Folding Table Loom.  Stand, Warping Frame, Shuttles, Reeds, Sundry Yarns and other equipment included.  In very good condition.

Collection only from Shaftesbury, Dorset.

£350 ono

Contact: Helen English
Tel: 07789 845 498
Advertised Since: Thursday 25 April 2024

9. Rigid Heddle Loom, Bag and Stand

Rigid Heddle Loom, Bag and Stand.

Ashford 20" Knitters Loom in good condition.  Accessories include:  Reeds: 7.5 dpi, 10 dpi and 12.5 dpi.  Clamps and Warping Peg.  Small Warping Frame, Raddle Kit 16".  Bobbin winder (not Ashford).  Weavers Ideas Book and various other books.  Collection only from South Yorkshire subject to full cash payment.

£300 ono

Contact: B. Johnson
Tel: 07743 437 686
Advertised Since: Wednesday 03 April 2024