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Spinning Equipment

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Information about making your own wheel

I have been sent the following information which might be of interest to those wishing to make their own spinning wheel:  

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of drawings which you can either download for free, or make a
voluntary donation.

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WANTED Louet Victoria Spinning Wheel

Wanted:  Louet Victoria Spinning Wheel.  Model S95 or S96.  Important it has a back carry case and is a working model.  

Contact: Linda Hewison
Tel: 0208 8947 2456
Advertised Since: Wednesday 06 March 2019

WANTED: David Barnett Drum Carder

Wanted - David Barnett Drum carder

Contact: Melanie Pound
Tel: 07894 669 550
Advertised Since: Sunday 04 November 2018

2. Ashford Elisabeth

Ashford Elisabeth.   Houe move forces sale of this lovely wheel.

Collection only from Dorset.

£200 ono

Contact: Gitta Cooper
Tel: 01725 552 369
Advertised Since: Sunday 13 October 2019

3. Kromski Sonata Folding Wheel

Kromski Sonata folding spinning wheel with many accessories.  Still trying to free up space it is with sadness that I am offering this beautiful wheel for sale.  Included are the following:   The wheel in mahogany finish, drive band and orifice hook.  Regular flyer, Lace flyer, Four regular bobbins used by both of the above flyers.  Jumbo flyer, Three jumbo bobbins.  The wheel's own integral Lazy Kate, holds two bobbins.  Free standing Lazy Kate takes both sizes of bobbins, three regular and two jumbo.  Niddy Noddy.  Spare tension screw and cord.  Carry bag will hold all of the above.  Kromski instruction leaflet.

Collection from Crewe or i would liaise with a courier if you want to arrange that.  See "Anyvan" for couriers experienced in moving delicate/antique items.


Contact: Terri Ridgwell
Tel: 07709 709 374
Advertised Since: Friday 28 September 2018

4. Antique Spinning Wheel

Dryad type wheel in working order, with Lazy Kate containing 2 spare bobbins (though one is damaged and the other may not fit well).  This wheel is stamped "London School of Weaving, Bryanston St. W1" and is thought may be one of the wheels made by injured ex-servicemen returning from the Great War.  It seems to be designed to spin warp threads because of the small orifice and double drive.  It spins easily, tight and fine.  The flyer has 7 hooks.

Buyers collects from Somerset/Dorset borders

Also available: a quantity of Portland wool rovings for sale at £6/100g

£300 ono

Contact: Fiona MacKenzie
Tel: 07947 020 130
Advertised Since: Thursday 31 January 2019

5. Antique Spinning Wheel

Antique Spinning Wheel
Complete, with built-in lazy kate and original flyer hooks. Used for spinning fine yarns. Double-band tension.
Overall, measures 35 X 18 inches.


Contact: Hazel Clark (author of Fibres to Fabrics, Batsford)
Tel: 01347 868 458
Advertised Since: Wednesday 06 March 2019

6. Merkelbach Antique Wheel

A beautiful wheel, lovely free action treadling and smooth as butter.

Collection only from Dorset.


Contact: Gitta Cooper
Tel: 01725 552 369
Advertised Since: Sunday 13 October 2019

7. Leicester Timbertops Wheel

Leicester Timbertops oak wheel   FB/O 76y163 double band with 4 spools. 
Collection from Hampshire or local delivery can be arranged.

£400 ono

Contact: Jennifer Hills
Tel: 07539 468 405
Advertised Since: Friday 15 November 2019

8. Ledrum Original Double Treadle Collapsible Spinning Wheel

Lendrum original double treadle, collapsable spinning wheel, together with Niddy noddy, Lazy Kate, 5 bobbins, pair of carders, carder tool, spinning  apron.  Excellent, nearly new condition.  Collection only from Hertfordshire.


Contact: Elissa Dereford
Tel: 01442 871 485
Advertised Since: Sunday 09 February 2020

9. Ashford Traditional Wheel

Ashford traditional wheel and instructions, together with Niddy Noddy, Lazy Kate, 12 bobbins, pair of carders, 2 carder tools, ball winder, spinning apron.  Good working condition, dark stained. Collection only from Hertfordshire.


Contact: Elissa Dereford
Tel: 01442 871 485
Advertised Since: Sunday 09 February 2020


BLACKSMITH MADE WROUGHT IRON  BEAUTIFUL SPINNING WHEEL HOOKS Craftsman made in West Sussex, these beautiful hooks are approx 8.5" long.   Click on image for a better view!

£20 each includes postage

Contact: The Loom Exchange
Tel: 01730 817191
Advertised Since: Saturday 14 January 2012