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Advertised Since: Saturday 11 February 2012


I am in search of a variety of weaving accessories.
Please be in touch if you have any of the following or similar for sale.
My max budget is £250 if you have all of what I'm looking for including delivery to Tunbridge Wells.

1. Reeds in good condition suitable for a table loom ie) 24inches/60cm or 36inches/90cm long and 5 inches/12.7cm in height with roughly 3.66inches/9.3cm visible tooth height  I would like between 10 - 20 reeds with 8,10,12 and 14 dpi or their metric equivalent

2. Fan reeds

3. A spool rack with upright stands and hooks to thread the yarn through

4. Bobbins, reed hooks, threading hooks

5. A reed rack

Contact: Claire Bessel
Tel: 07903 105 880
Advertised Since: Wednesday 03 February 2016

The Loom Wizard

Having trouble setting up your loom?  In a muddle with warping?

See details of The Loom Wizard  on the Floor Loom page of this website.


Advertised Since: Sunday 14 April 2013


Reed, 10 dpi to fit 4 shaft Weavemaster table loom (old).  Actual size of reed: 55cms x 11cms.  

Contact: Jane Thwaites
Tel: 01524 730 524
Advertised Since: Wednesday 22 November 2017

Various Inkle Looms For Sale

1.  Box style inkle loom with adjustable tension bar, can be used to make warp faced or balanced weave fabric up to 10 inches wide and approx 2mitre long. £45  (see top photo)

2. Large strongly constructed inkle loom with adjustable tension bar, beautifully made with repurposed oak.  Ideal for warp faced braid of approx. 2 metres.  £85  (bottom in photo 2)

3.  Medium inkle loom strongly constructed in cherrywood with adjustable tension bar, suitable for warp faced braid of approx. 2 metres.  £65. (top in photo 2) 

All these inkle looms are in Staffordshire.


Contact: Madeline Mahoney
Advertised Since: Monday 15 October 2018


Pair of beautiful wooden child size shoe lasts (vintage).  Size 7 imprinted on them.  Suitable for felt making - or just beautiful objects!   

£38 (includes postage)

Contact: The Loom Exchange
Tel: 01730 817191
Advertised Since: Sunday 26 November 2017

Brand New Toika Warping Mill


TOIKA reels are crafted of select Finnish birch and sealed with a protective varnish for a lifetime of productive warping. Ball bearings ensure smooth rotation, and metal stays secure to a solid x-frame base for maximum stability. The boards holding the lease pegs are easily detachable and locked into position without screws. The frame can be folded for easy storage.
Collection from East London or shipped to you. 

£470 (plus shipping costs if applicable)

Contact: Maria Sigma
Tel: 07583 876 416
Advertised Since: Thursday 12 October 2017

WANTED Warping mill and cone winder or similar

Wanted: Single or Double Width Warping Mill (ideally a Hattersley) for a new small weaving studio. Also required, a cheese/bobbin/cone winder to break down cones for warping, ideally 3 to 6 head, but smaller considered. Please email James at

Advertised Since: Thursday 28 January 2016

Equipment and Yarn for Sale

Skein Winder Wooden Nearly New £20

Lot 2

500 grams Berber type brown wool £2.00

I can send pictures of any of the items /wool you are interested in or samples of the wool.

Contact: Helen Griffith
Tel: 01473 255 639 (Ipswich area)
Advertised Since: Monday 30 November 2015


One wooden wool winder in good condition.   One stretcher, wooden, for rugs.    Two wooden shuttles 39" long.  Good home needed!   Any reasonable offer accepted.

Any reasonable offer accepted.

Contact: Kevin Hegarty
Tel: 07773 852 163
Advertised Since: Tuesday 10 February 2015

A practical way to use your Handwoven Cloth

What could be nicer than to put your feet up on your very own handwoven cloth footstool?  For over 30 years I have been re-upholstering furniture, making one-off pieces and lately covering old furniture for a "Shabby Chic" business.  I would like to offer my services directly to you, the weaver, so you can have your very own cloth at your feet, or add the item to your product range. HOW THE STOOL IS MADE: I make the frames with softwood and birch ply from responsible producers.  The "tulip" shaped legs are turned by my woodturner friend.  I fit "screwed dowels" to hold them in place which also makes them removable for staining/polishing.  The stool top has 1" upholstery foam fitted, then 1/4" foam is wrapped around the whole stool seat making it all-round soft. Next it is wrapped with very soft polyester before covering with the woven cloth.

FINISHED SIZE: When fully upholstered the footstools are approximately 10 1/2" high, 12 1/2" wide and 16" long.  The Tulip legs can be left plain un-stained or polished.  In the photo with the giraffe cover they are stained walnut, then polished with bees wax.  I can also colour them golden pine, light oak or dark oak.  BUYING OPTIONS:  You may choose a footstool frame ready for you to cover with your own cloth.  You will need tacks, a hammer or electric stapler and some upholstering skill.  I will send to you a footstool as described above and in the white stool photo.  Cost: £45 + £5 postage.  Or, if you post to me a piece of cloth no smaller than 30" (76cm) wide x 34" (86cm) long, I will upholster the footstool for you.  It will look like the stool with the Solva woven wool cloth and plain legs, unless you tell me the finished colour of the legs you would like.  The cost for this service is only £65 + £5 postage.  HOW TO PAY:  I am able to accept the payment by Paypal using email Cheque, postal order or cash (by registered post only), please send to David Graham, Charity Cottage, Burlton, Shrewsbury, Sbropshire SY4 5TB  Please remember to  include your address, contact phone number/email as I may need to discuss your exact requirements.  Please allow 14 days for the whole process.  I can be contacted by email or mobile: 07484 151 456

£45 + £5 postage OR £65 + £5 postage Upholsted.

Contact: David Graham
Tel: 07484 151 456
Advertised Since: Monday 21 November 2011

Display stand and drapes

used for exhibition at craft fairs.  Flexible 6' to 16'6" long and 6' deep.  Powder coated steel construction.  Collection from Herts.


Contact: Elissa Dereford
Tel: 01442 871485 (Herts)
Advertised Since: Friday 25 November 2011

Antique Swift

in its original box.  Boxwood cup for holding yarn ball.  In perfect working order.  Buyer collects from Cambridge.


Contact: A. Ruel
Tel: 01223 563619
Advertised Since: Saturday 10 December 2011

Thread Cutter Pendant (New)

This Clover thread cutter is so handy - wear it as a pendant and forget about where you put your scissors!  Looks attractive worn as a pendant and comes in either "antique silver" or "antique gold"  An ideal gift for any textile worker.  

£7 includes p&p within UK

Contact: The Loom Exchange
Tel: 01730 817191
Advertised Since: Saturday 31 December 2011

Tablet Weaving Cards

Ten tablet weaving cards for sale


Contact: Anne Thomas
Tel: 0208 579 3229 (London)
Advertised Since: Monday 31 October 2011

Sett Charts

These charts enable you to adapt the reed you have to the sett you want! - a great help to those weavers who only possess one or two reeds.

25p plus large s.a.e.

Contact: The Loom Exchange
Tel: 01730 817191
Advertised Since: Saturday 31 December 2011

Repairs and Construction

Here are some contact details you may find useful if you need parts or repairs to looms or spinning wheels: Ted White  also  Woodland Turnery make and repair wheels and make new bobbins etc.  Here's the address of their site  Harris Looms (Emmerich Berlou) 01233 622684.  Stansfields Loom Builders  tel: 01484 531967     If you know of a maker or repairer please send the details to The Loom Exchange via

Advertised Since: Monday 23 January 2012