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Floor Looms and Tapestry looms

Dobby looms, Jacquard looms and tapestry looms follow in separate sections


Having trouble setting up your loom?  In a muddle with warping?

It can be so frustrating when all you want to do is start not call in the Loom Wizard?  I will travel to you to help you to sort out any problems you are experiencing with your loom.  With over 25 years of experience with all types of hand looms (excluding dobby looms) I have set up and fine tuned numerous looms.  I can also help with warping and tie-ups.  

I am prepared to travel within a radius of 50 miles of Midhurst, West Sussex.

Live further away?  I'm happy to help via email and telephone for a small fee.  Just send me details of the problem, with images if possible, and I'll do my best to help you get weaving!

"Having had over 2 weeks of frustration with my counterbalance loom, I contacted Hilary in  despair, she quickly came to the rescue, spotted the problems, retied the heddles & treadles  so that I am happily  weaving again- marvellous!"   Janice

"Hilary came to my rescue when I had borrowed a small Lillstina Floor Loom that was in need of some restoration.  With great anticipation of weaving again after 25 years I suddenly felt completely helpless and frustrated having no idea where to begin or who to ask for help.  Hilary arrived, repair kit in hand and tackled the problem with enthusiasm and know how. She reconstructed the parts that weren’t functioning leaving me all set up ready to start; I have been happily weaving rugs since.  The Loom is now in a very good state, which makes warping up much simpler. Thank you very much Hilary."  Daphne


£20 per hour (includes travelling time) plus 40p per mile

Contact: Hilary Charlesworth
Tel: 01730 817191
Advertised Since: Sunday 14 April 2013

WANTED Baby Wolf, Baby Mac, Leclerc compact or similar.

I am looking for a second-hand 8 shaft Baby Wolf, Baby Mac, Leclerc compact or similar. 8 shafts and min. 22 inches weaving width is a must.

Contact: Paulina
Advertised Since: Sunday 28 May 2023

WANTED wooden fly shuttles

Wanted: wooden fly shuttles (preferably with wheels) and wooden pirns.

Business in Edinburgh seeking multiple wooden flying shuttles and pirns, good working order, ideally with wheels/rollers (as close to the photos listed with this advert)/

We would love to re-home these in our studio where they will be lovingly looked after and used with our George Wood looms to weave our British Alpaca products.

If anyone can help, we would love to hear from you.

Contact: Corine Thompson
Tel: 0131 555 7395
Advertised Since: Sunday 02 October 2022



Advertised Since: Friday 22 March 2024

1. Harris Four Shaft Folding Floor Loom

Harris 4-shaft folding countermarch loom for sale
Excellent condition and a lovely loom to use but arthritis forces sale. Universal tie-up so a cinch! Currently dismantled but I have photos of how it goes together again and if local would be happy to help. Also several weaving books. Spare heddles, warping pins and clamps, etc. everything you need really!
. Near Chichester. Buyer collects or possible local delivery.

oiro £450

Contact: Charlotte Dawber
Tel: 07727 280 454
Advertised Since: Saturday 29 April 2023

2. 45" Harrisville 4 Harness Rug Loom with Shaft Switching Device

45” Harrisville 4 Harness Rug Loom with Shaft Switching Device for SALE

Condition: Never been used since assembled, produced in 2018 / 2019.

The owner needs to move abroad very soon after the purchase of the loom so hopes another passionate weaver could take over and put this incredibly beautiful and well built loom to good use. The loom needs to be dismantled and picked up by the new owner. The original packaging is included.

6 & 8 dent Stainless Steel Reed included.

Pickup location: near Victoria station, London


Contact: Anne Lin
Advertised Since: Monday 08 November 2021

3. Maxwell Type Eight Shaft Countermarch Floor Loom

Eight shaft, string heddles. All wood joints.

Life changes meant that I have not used it for 30 years, and I now need to downsize.

The loom measures 185cm/73in high, 128cm/51in deep, 125cm/49in wide, reed 145cm/57in, weaving width 102cm/40in.

The frame and parts are in good condition and the movement is good.

Collect from Exeter area.


Contact: Dr. Glenda Leeming
Tel: 01420 587 420
Advertised Since: Thursday 10 March 2022

4. Four Shaft Counterbalance Floor Loom

Douglas Andrew (Canterbury) Kentish Floor Loom.  It weaves approx. width 90-95 cm has 4 shafts and 5 pedals. It has waxed thread healds/heddles. 

There are several reeds some in need of de-rusting. A selection of accessories shuttles/raddle etc. The frame has holes drilled in the side for the insertion of dowelling pegs to create a warping frame. I no longer have the dowelling pegs, but they are easy to replace.   Images available on request.

Collection only from Essex.




Contact: Jacqui Galise
Tel: 07813 682 443
Advertised Since: Monday 21 June 2021

5. Vertical Loom


Delightful hand-made vertical loom made from European beech with stainless steel fittings.

Dimensions: 37” (93cms) wide, 69” (175cms) tall and 23” (58cms) wide, including the feet. The maximum width for weaving is approximately 28” (71cms) and length maybe up to 100” (254cms).

The unique shed system allows for simple tabby weave using standard heddles and the removable raddle allows the on-going weaving to move around the loom. The top bar is adjustable to increase/ decrease tension and the warping sticks allow economic use of warp threads.

Also included is a beech beater.

Vertical looms are ideal for tapestries, rugs, scarves and wall hangings and great if you don’t have the space for a floor loom.

This loom is ‘collect only’ (from North Devon, EX18) and we will talk you through how to use it. At the moment the loom is warped up for demonstration purposes. It can be dissembled but it is probably best to transport it whole in the back of a van or estate car.

More photos can be seen on

£720 ono

Contact: Jack Smellie
Tel: 01769 581 175 or 07929 204 521
Advertised Since: Thursday 14 March 2024

6. Swedish style Four Shaft Floor Loom

Swedish style four shaft, four pedal counterbalance floor loom with Texsolv heddles and in working order. Dimensions: Length:  153cm.,  Width:  122 cm.,  Weave width:  91.5cm.,  Highest Point:  142 cm. Complete with raddle, several reeds, warping board and a quantity of sticks. Some evidence of woodworm which needs treating, hence low price of £375 ono.  Buyer collects from Wanstead, London, E11

£375 ono

Contact: Patricia Jupp
Tel: 020 8505 4079
Advertised Since: Monday 11 January 2021

7. Four Shaft Countermarch Floor Loom

4 Shaft Countermarch floor loom.6 pedals,  handmade by  renown loom maker in New Zealand with beautiful kauri wood ,by Kenneth  Bartlett of Christchurch.  very nice  working, weaving with  46in/1200mm,Texolve fitting, spare Texolv cord and clips, string  heddles, 1 reed,1 leasstick,several space sticks,
I have to sell because of my health situation,
widh 50 inch/ 1270mm  length 4ft/1220mm  height 48 inch/158mm

Collection only from East Sussex


Contact: Franziska Wieser
Tel: 01323 381 280
Advertised Since: Wednesday 20 March 2024

8. Leclerc Compact Eight Shaft Folding Floor Loom

Leclerc Compact 8 shaft folding floor loom 24" weaving width in excellent condition.
Bought new nearly 2 years ago from Frank Herring in Dorchester.
Includes a size 10 dent reed and the Leclerc raddle which I bought as an extra. It has many extra Texsolv heddles, 
Situated in Lymington near the New Forest. Buyer collects. When folded will fit in average size cars. Size when folded---width 32.75" depth 22" height 36.5" weight 84lbs (38kg)


Contact: Christine Truscott
Tel: 07873 703 084
Advertised Since: Thursday 16 November 2023

9. Leclerc Eight Shaft Floor Loom

LECLERC 8 SHAFT ARTISAT JACK-TYPE FLOOR LOOM  Lovely compact 36 inch, 8 shaft, 8 treadle floor loom  for sale as I am getting a much bigger loom and am  running out of space. Comes with Texsolve heddles,  two reeds, several sticks. Have had the loom 3 years  and have woven lots of lovely cloth on it.

Pick up from Petworth West Sussex, although some help with dismantling and transportation possible.


Contact: Sally Reay
Tel: 07779 874 859
Advertised Since: Monday 25 March 2024

10. Glimakra Standard 10 Shaft Floor Loom

A much loved Glimakra Standard Countermarch Loom with 100cm (39")  Weaving Width - 10 shafts and a range of extra weaving equipment, + 6  reeds and extra Back Beam is for sale.

A beautiful robust loom, in excellent condition it offers endless weaving possibilities,  from hand towels and scarves to rag rugs and luxurious upholstery material. Here  with a tweed rug. It is strong enough to handle any task, and the open side frame  design allows easy access for threading and tying up I am downsizing. 


Width - 53" (135cm)   Depth - 65" (165cm)  You will need several feet in front of, behind and to one side of the loom as well.


The loom comes fully equipped, with an adjustable Weaving Bench, 10 shafts, 10  treadles, with Texolv Heddles, Cords and Pins.  In addition: a multitude of extra Texolv  Heddles, Cords, Arrow Pegs and Anchor  pins, a Cord Threader, Sley Hook, Warp Sticks, Cross Sticks and Assorted  Shuttles, plus an extra Back Beam.  Reeds: 1 x 6 dpi, 2 x 10 dpi, 1 x 12 dpi, 1 x 14 dpi & 1 x 24 dpi

Assembly instructions and book: Tying Up the Countermarch  Loom by Joanne Hall

If you are interested or wish to ask any questions:  Please contact Susy Orton by email or  text 07930576565    put Glimakra Loom Enquiry as subject [spam filter]  and we can arrange a conversation, FT or Zoom and/or a visit.  I have a warp on the loom for viewing.


The buyer is responsible for DISASSEMBLY AND PICK UP  Collection only from Worthing, W. Sussex.



£2,900 ono

Contact: Susy Orton
Tel: 07930 576 565 (text only please)
Advertised Since: Tuesday 26 March 2024

11. COMPLETE STUDIO (10 shaft loom and accessories)

FOR SALE:- COMPLETE STUDIO, consisting of:Vavstols Fabriken Glimskra, 10 SHAFT LOOM with Drall pulleys a VERTICAL WARPING MILL and extras.

LOOM Height 170cm., Length 165cm., Width 163cm., Weaving Width136cm.  10 Shafts, 10 Lamms, 10 Pedals, Suspended Beater, 4 Reeds 114cm. 10dpi, 125cm. 8dpi, 134cm. 6dpi, 135cm. 14Dpi, Leashes on the loom and  50 extra, Cross sticks, Fabric protector, 13 Warp sticks,  Seat wood, Basket, 7 Boat shuttles, 8 flat shuttles ,4 Reed hooks, 2 leashes hooks, Loom cord.  

WARPING MILL  Height 145cm. Width 190cm. Circumference when assembled 380cm.  with Rack for 12 reels height 88cm.,width 57cm. For 14 reels height 92cm, width 46cm  Umbrella swift height 60cm, open circumference 55cm.,  Spool winder hand  

Purchaser to arrange collection from Middlesbrough


Contact: Jane Swint
Tel: 01642 514 363 or 07495 574 416
Advertised Since: Sunday 07 April 2024

12. Four Shaft Counterbalance Floor Loom

Four shaft counterbalance floor loom.  42" wide, 36" deep, 54" high.  Complete with 5 long shuttles, a number of weaving books in v. good condition.  Warping board, cheeses of wool and a weaving stool.

Collection only from Burley, Hampshire.


Contact: Janice Priddle
Tel: 01425 404 138
Advertised Since: Tuesday 21 June 2022

13. Lervad Four Shaft Countermarch Floor Loom

LERVAD ( Made in Denmark) Loom number 7
4 shaft Countermarch floor Loom
Weaving width 122cm( 48”)
Dimensions approx Width 190cm (75”) Height 165cm (65”) Depth 114cm (45”)  Some water damage on wooden frame - easily restorable, does not affect weaving action
Includes: - 1 x reed, raddle, loom bench, shuttles, weaving sticks/cross sticks

Buyer dismantles and collects from Elstead, Nr Godalming, Surrey

£500 ono

Contact: Joan Wigley
Tel: 01252 702 346
Advertised Since: Tuesday 19 September 2023

16. Varpapuu Four Shaft Countermarch Floor Loom

4 shaft countermarch floor loom  Weaving width 100cm (39”)  Dimensions approx Height 165cm (65”) Depth 114cm (45”) Width 119cm  (47”)
Some water damage on wooden frame - easily restorable, does not affect  weaving action  Includes;- 1x reed, raddle, loom bench, shuttles, weaving sticks/cross sticks
Buyer dismantles and collects from Elstead, Nr Godalming, Surrey

£500 ono

Contact: Joan Wigley
Tel: 01252 702 346
Advertised Since: Tuesday 19 September 2023

17. Four Shaft Countermarch Floor Loom

This is a hand made floor loom built by a lovely gentleman for his wife.  When she passed away he sold it to me.  I bought it for £2,000 back in 1995 and had it standing and working in my garage.  It is now dismantled as we are moving house.  My new house does not have the room for me to put it up.  You can use it for fabrics or rugs with a weaving width of 120cms.  It includes:  Countermarch system for sheds.  String tie up.  4 shafts with string heddles.  6 treadles,  2 reeds.  2 shuttles. Raddle, Lease sticks.  Collection only due to the loom size from PE85qs (near Peterborough).  I can deliver locally.


£400 ono

Contact: Sally Heathcote
Tel: 07804 706 694
Advertised Since: Monday 24 October 2022

DL1. Louet Magic Dobby Loom

A Louet magic dobby loom.

40cm 24 shaft- mechanical loom.  Second warp beam included.  Warping frame included. 
Dimensions: height 140cm, depth 100cm and width 58cm
The loom is supplied with the castle section assembled and a floor stand with treadle, 30 Dobby Bars with 600 Pegs, swivel (pivot) beater system, a raddle, a stainless steel reed 40-10 (metric), 600/800 Texsolv heddles, lease and tie-up sticks, Stick shuttles and heddle hook. 
Used but in great condition.
Original instructions provided.
Collection only (Wirral, North West, UK)

£1800 ONO.

Contact: Andrea Blackburn
Tel: 07747 560 221
Advertised Since: Friday 03 March 2023

DL2. Louet Magic Dobby Electronic Loom

We are selling a Louet Magic Dobby Loom! It has 24 shafts that are controlled via the attached computer. The weaving width is 70cm, while the front and back beam can be neatly lifted for the loom to be stored more compact. 

Unfortunately the loom has some issues we were not able to fix but if you are skilled and have time to look into it you might be able to solve the problem!  Here is  a quick summary of the issue:  After getting the loom set up and ensuring everything is tied properly, we confirmed that the computer part of the loom is working correctly. It appears as though all issues lie with the lifting mechanism. Our particular observations are as follows:

-The buttons slip and do not engage with the shaft lifting mechanism; resulting in inconsistent shaft lifting if any. 

-Several parts of the lifting mechanism appear worn.

-The knife (lifting bar) slips out of its allotted slot.

The loom is for pick-up only in Deptford, South London. It comes with a computer and display to operate the loom.  If you have any questions please contact me via "

£2000 ONO

Contact: Sven Steinmetz
Tel: 07514 868 985
Advertised Since: Friday 17 November 2023

DL3. 16 Shaft Computerised Harris Loom

16 shaft computerised Harris loom plus reed.  Was £5,500 new.

Height: 52", Length 43", Width 33".

Collection from Brighton area.


Contact: Zsuzsanna Gardini
Tel: 07946 100 675
Advertised Since: Sunday 21 May 2023

DL5. Weavebird v2 Leclerc Floor Loom

Weavebird v2 Leclerc floor loom. 34 inches weaving width. 24 shafts with 2 beams for possiblity of using double cloth. Computerised with interface box. 2 tredles. One to open the shed and one to close the shed. Because of the way the loom has been designed the effort to lift the shafts is similar to lifting a 4 shaft counter balance loom. Comes with 2 shuttles, many pirns. Warping board, bobbin winder, reed hook, threading hook. 
The loom is from 2010 but hasnt been used a lot, it's in great condition.  It does need tweaking as the magnets which work with the solenoids got moved when i moved house and have never been realigned so it needs work on getting that part back in synchronization. 
Collection only from Blackrod nr Bolton

£7500 open to offers.

Contact: Laura Foulkes.
Tel: 07742 857 762
Advertised Since: Friday 25 August 2023

DL6. 16 Shaft Harris Floor Loom

The loom is a 16 shaft Harris floor loom with 2 back beams. It comes with instructions.  It is computerised and plugs in to a normal socket with a 5 amp plug. Its a Harris Loom Mk 111.
Its a nice little dobby loom with a weaving width of 60cm/24"  It is 136cm (54") high - 84cm (33") wide - 108cm (42.5") back to front.  two people can lift it and move it around - its like a heavy table!
Collection from  Angus, Scotland, close to the Perthshire border.


Contact: Bebe Geen
Tel: 07821 701 796
Advertised Since: Monday 16 October 2023

DL7. Louet Megado Dobby Loom

Megado, Louët's flagship loom, is a multi-harness dobby loom with unique innovations, that make weaving a real joy. Its attractive appearance is due to advanced engineering and the use of lacquered ash hardwood.   Selling as I no longer have space for it. This loom has been absolutely amazing and I feel sad to be letting it go!

It has all the parts that it came with and more, including all assembly instructions.

This dobby loom has 32 harnesses, a weaving width of 130 cm (51 1/4′′),  and an electronic interface (Version: I-ME-interface-V).

Large shelf, built-in raddle,  stainless steel reed 40-10 (10 dpi), 900 to 1700 premounted heddles (390 mm), lease and tie-up sticks and sixteen warp sticks.

Also included:

- 14 & 16 reeds

- Loom bench

- 2nd warp beam

 The handle on the cloth beam has been fixed permanently to the loom due to it being used incorrectly but is fully functioning. 

Dobby looms have a dobby system, which is used to program the harness combinations for the weave pattern. Dobby is short for ′′draw boy′′ which refers to the weaver’s helper who was used to control the warp thread by pulling on draw threads. The dobby mechanism replaces the treadle/lam combination of the traditional floor looms. The performance of a multi-harness loom is vastly improved by using a dobby mechanism, as it overcomes the major problems associated with the use of a large number of treadles.

A dobby loom allows you to select the combination of shafts for every shed opening you wish to make. The great advantage of a dobby loom is that it avoids the necessity and the labour involved in making multiple tie-ups to treadle positioned underneath a loom. An investment in a Louët Dobby ensures many years of comfortable and productive weaving. 

The electronic interface will give you almost unlimited shaft combinations using a computer and software from Fiberworks PCW, Patternland, Weavemaker, Weave It, WeavePoint, Winweef or Pro Weave, which all work with the Louët electronic interface.

The Megado loom features a counter march shed. This is accomplished by lifting the back beam at the same time as the shafts are being lifted. The beam movement also compensates for changes in warp tension as the shed is made. An innovative construction ensures the action of the well balanced pedal to be very light in operation. This main pedal and also the optional weaving bench are adjustable in height to accommodate the weaver’s physical requirements.

The Megado looms also have the Louët moving breast beam, just like the Spring and Delta looms. This unique warp tension control system allows the weaver to set and check the warp tension each time the warp is advanced. These innovative design features give the Megado looms an indisputable advantage over other competitive looms.

No other multi-harness loom treadles as light and creates as large a shed, even with a very high tension on the warp.








£10,250 including all accessories.

Contact: Ellie Fisher
Tel: 07976 029 447
Advertised Since: Tuesday 14 June 2022

DL8. George Wood Dobby Loom

George Wood Dobby Loom

16 shaft George Wood Dobby Loom + 2 back beams  Weaving width: 30"   The overall size built: Loom back to pedal - 86"  Width - 43"  Height - 108"

Includes:  220 wood pegs  53 plastic pegs  38 lags 

It was serviced and used on the Monty Don BBC 'Real Craft Series'.  It is semi-dismantled, labelled for construction and in storage.

Collection only from Llandeilo, Wales.


Contact: Ainsley Hillard
Tel: 07435 564 921
Advertised Since: Monday 19 February 2024