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Floor Looms

Dobby looms, Jacquard looms and tapestry looms follow in separate sections


Having trouble setting up your loom?  In a muddle with warping?

It can be so frustrating when all you want to do is start not call in the Loom Wizard?  I will travel to you to help you to sort out any problems you are experiencing with your loom.  With over 25 years of experience with all types of hand looms (excluding dobby looms) I have set up and fine tuned numerous looms.  I can also help with warping and tie-ups.  

I am prepared to travel within a radius of 50 miles of Midhurst, West Sussex.

"Having had over 2 weeks of frustration with my counterbalance loom, I contacted Hilary in,
 despair, she quickly came to the rescue, spotted the problems, retied the heddles & treadles
 so that I am happily  weaving again- marvellous!"   Janice

"Hilary came to my rescue when I had borrowed a small Lillstina Floor Loom that was in need of some restoration.  With great anticipation of weaving again after 25 years I suddenly felt completely helpless and frustrated having no idea where to begin or who to ask for help.  Hilary arrived, repair kit in hand and tackled the problem with enthusiasm and know how. She reconstructed the parts that weren’t functioning leaving me all set up ready to start; I have been happily weaving rugs since.  The Loom is now in a very good state, which makes warping up much simpler. Thank you very much Hilary."  Daphne


£20 per hour (includes travelling time) plus 40p per mile

Contact: Hilary Charlesworth
Tel: 01730 817191
Advertised Since: Sunday 14 April 2013

WANTED Mirrix 12 inch "Little Guy" tapestry loom

Contact: Paulette Furnival
Advertised Since: Monday 25 March 2019

1. Toika Eight Shaft Countermarch Loom

Toika 150cm 8 shaft countermarch loom 
Weaving width is 150cm, total width is 187cm
Texsolv tie up
In great condition, beautiful solid loom
Can be seen in person in my studio in Brixton, London.
Collection only.

£900 ono

Contact: Carmen Machado
Tel: 07510 844 762
Advertised Since: Monday 18 November 2019

2. Four Shaft Counterbalance Floor Loom

Mahogany Counterbalance floor loom for sale.  It has four shafts and six pedals.  In need of a bit of TLC, needs new canvases at each end of weaving work, otherwise it is still a very strong and robust loom.  Weaving width: 3'8", length: 4'.  Buyer collects from Bampton, Devon.


Contact: Margie Benson
Tel: 01398 332 139
Advertised Since: Wednesday 30 November 2016

3. Four Shaft Floor Loom

Four shaft, 8 pedal floor loom with Texsolv heddles.  All complete and in very good condition.  Good working order.  Height of frame: 1.57m,  total width: 1.68m,  Front to back: 1.45m.  Fully adjustable beater and seat.  Includes three reeds: 1.2m - 10dpi, 1.2m - 13dpi, 1.14m - 10dpi.  Also includes selvedge straightener and sticks.  Buyer to collect from E. Somerset.

Will help to dismantle and load into vehicle.  Parts labelled for easy re-assemble.

£600 or reasonable offer

Contact: Janet Holden
Tel: 01458 223 421
Advertised Since: Monday 16 December 2019

4. Schacht Baby Wolf

Schacht Baby Wolf 8 shafts with 2nd back beam,  immaculate condition, assembled in July 2017 and owned from new. It is the extended height version, comes with 3 reeds, 8,10 &12 dpi.  The loom includes the stroller for extremely easy movement between rooms and folds with or without a warp on it so is ideal for limited space.  

Collection only: 15mins off Junction 34  M4 South Wales.


Contact: Anne Holvey
Tel: 07966 983 813
Advertised Since: Sunday 24 November 2019

5. Douglas Andrew Floor Loom


Douglas Andrew floor loom for sale. All pieces present as per diagram and in good condition, but needs new heddles etc. Warping pegs on side of loom. Several shuttles and other bits & pieces. Currently dismantled due to house move and lack of space. Collect from Cambridge. 


Contact: Jane Anson
Advertised Since: Monday 18 June 2018

6. Lillstina Four Shaft Floor Loom

Lillstina counterbalance floor loom.  It has four shafts and six pedals and a reed. The loom can be folded for easy storage. 110 cm Wide.  Complete with raddle and shuttle. 

Collection only from Falmouth, Cornwall.

£400 ono

Contact: Debbie Rudolph
Advertised Since: Tuesday 14 January 2020

8. Glimakra Standard Countermarch 10 Shaft Floor Loom

Glimakra Standard countermarch floor loom.  Bought new in 1982.  10 shafts with maximum weaving width of 110cms.  Overall dimensions without the weaving bench: H - 180 cms, W - 148 cms, D - 170 cms.   The loom has a front beam apron, Texsolv tie-up and heddles and all its original parts, including 1 protections board, 4 rubber feet, 2 lease sticks, 2 tie bars and 36 warp sticks.  The loom bench and assembly instructions are also included, together with 1 reed measuring 122 cms (30:10 or 3 dents per cm).  The reed has slight rust markings at outer edges but is usable.  (The bobbin rack standing in front of the loom bench in the photo is not included in the sale). 

Buyer to collect from West Dorset.


Contact: Fiona Abercromby
Tel: 01305 259 334
Advertised Since: Sunday 19 January 2020

11. Toika 150cm 8 shaft Countermarche loom

Weaving width is 150cm. 
"Liisa" type (full details on Toika website) 
Countermarch loom - massive sheds! 
texsolv tie up 
in fantastic condition 
full width of loom 157 cm 
Depth of loom 136 cm 
There is space to add extra shafts if you want to increase the design options, up to 16 shafts. If you really want to, you can add a computer aided option which connects to your computer- all available from Toika. 

The loom comes with a reed, pre cut texsolv for the tie up, raddle, bench which sits inside the loom when not in use, and warping sticks. Everything you need except the yarn! 
Collection only from Cambridge


Contact: Louise Player
Tel: 01223 563 362 or mobile: 07962 119 696
Advertised Since: Saturday 17 December 2016

16. Eight Shaft Floor Loom

8 Shaft floor loom.

Aprox 1 meter cloth width, it's restored to working order (include three reeds). All new texsolv threading.

(Currently in France, shipping can be organised)


Contact: Louise Prior
Tel: 0033 622 123 770
Advertised Since: Wednesday 02 August 2017

TL2. Mirrix 32" Tapestry Loom with Mirrix stand

Mirrix 32" Tapestry Loom with Mirrix stand  
Buyer to collect Oakham, Rutland area


Contact: L. Marsland
Tel: 01572 724241
Advertised Since: Sunday 03 November 2019

TL1. Varpapuu Finnish Tapestry Loom

Varpapuu Finnish tapestry loom.   max proportions :w 1.4m, H 1.8m and D 65cm
Large Square warp winder
Castle for separating warps-made from nails
Now dismantled but all joints numbered

£500 plus p&p if required (based in North Devon UK)

Contact: C. Bennett
Tel: 01598 710 651
Advertised Since: Saturday 11 January 2020

DL2. Louet Megado Electronic Dobby

Louet Megado weaving loom, 32 Shaft Electronic dobby, 110 cm weaving width, 2 sectional back beams, 2 reeds, loads of extra heddles on each  shaft. Currently assembled, buyer to collect (Cambridgeshire ) selling as downsizing.


Contact: Trisha Duffett-Smith
Tel: 07788 668 900
Advertised Since: Monday 23 September 2019

TL3. Glimakra Regina Upright Tapestry Loom

Glimakra Regina upright tapestry loom.150cm weaving width.   This is a fantatic loom in excellent condition. 

Dimensions (w x d x h) 186 x 105 x 193cm (73" x 42" x 76"). 
The loom comes apart very easily.  Integral counter balanced weighted beater, warp board built on to the back of loom, separate 150 cm raddle, warp sticks and 150 cm reed. Four paddle, two with fixing bar.
Collection only from Falmouth, Cornwall.


£700 ono

Contact: Debbie Rudolph
Advertised Since: Tuesday 14 January 2020

DL4. Rare 24 peg Dobby Loom

Rare, 24 peg Dobby loom. Ex. Welsh woolen mill?  Single treddle. 3 box, drop fly shuttle.
Stands apx. 6'6" square and apx. 8' tall.  Buyer to dismantle and collect from Watton, Norfolk.


Contact: Rosemary Durrant
Tel: 01953 788 040
Advertised Since: Wednesday 16 March 2016

DL7. 16 Shaft AVL

I am selling my 16 shaft AVL mechanical dobby . 
It’s about 25 years old, fairly sure I’m it’s second owner. It would come with a 48 cone creel, tension box for sectional warping. Double fly shuttle, reed and just over 40 lags (40 brand new barely used, and about 10 it came with which are fairly worn) and plenty of pegs. 
It works well enough, can weave just under 1m width, only reason im selling is that I’ve been offered a loom that’s probably better suited to me and my weaving and the direction my business is taking! 
Would have to be collected (would be dismantled) from my studio in Somerset!
It’s a lovely loom, there are a couple of features that don’t work/ aren’t present and haven’t been the whole time I’ve owned it but it isn’t anything that affects its ability to weave! 
Collection from Somerset

£3000 ono

Contact: Charlotte Martin
Tel: 07525 618 653
Advertised Since: Tuesday 17 April 2018

DL8. George Wood Compu Dobby 16 Shafts

George Wood compu-dobby, 16 shafts, 1m weaving width. 
Weavepoint software inc
x2 back beams
20dpi reed, 1m
2dpi raddle, 1m
Pegs and lags mechanical head inc. 
Recently serviced compu-dobby box
Currenty dismantled. Collection in Bristol, will be happy to help assemble if nearby. 



Contact: Annabel Williams
Tel: 07809 687 496
Advertised Since: Thursday 17 May 2018