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To Order Books  Telephone 01730 817191 with the number (ie: W20) plus first part of the title, your name, address plus post code, and telephone number.  If speaking to an answer machine, please give this information slowly and clearly and repeat if possible. You can also order by email The books will then be sent to you with an invoice to include the postage and packing.... please make your cheque out to The Loom Exchange. Or you can pay via Paypal adding 50p to cover Paypal charges, using the email address above.

BOOKS WANTED   The Loom Exchange buys in libraries of textile books, particularly: weaving, spinning, dyeing etc.  If you have books to sell, please send a list to the Loom Exchange, Ash , Stedham, GU29 0PX and we will offer you a price for them.







W1. The Craft of Weaving by Irene Waller.  Softback pp92  A practical guide for the complete beginner. £4

W2.  The Weaver's Workbook - a concise weaving course based on a creative understanding of the priciples and practices of the craft.   by Hilary Chetwynd.  Hardback pp94  £6

W3.  The Handweaver's Pattern Book - by Iona Plath.  Over 120 designs for upholstery, curtains, place mats etc.  Softback pp127 (ex-library copy) £4.50

W4.  Painting with Yarns - Let's Weave A Tapestry by Hilary Charlesworth. New publication.  A spiral bound softback step by step guide to weaving a tapestry sampler.  All you need to know, fully illustrated.  £9.95  collection or part of a book order,  or  £11.45 includes postage and packing.

W6.  The Weaver's Craft by L.E.Simpson and M.Weir.  A Dryad hadback pp216  £7

W8.  Designing On The Loom by Mary Kirby.  Softback pp42  £5

W9.  Weaving - A Manual of Techniques by Rosemary Bridgman.  Hardback pp224.  £6

W.10.  Learning to Warp by Deborah Chandler. Softback pp56  £5

W11.  Hand-Loom Weaving (the artistic crafts series of technical handbooks) by Luther Hooper.  Hardback pp338.  First published in 1910 and still relevant!  £5

W13.  Weaves and Pattern Drafting by John Tovey.  Hardback pp100  £5

W14.  The Essential Handbook of Weaving by Rosemary Murray.  Hardback pp158  £6

W15.  Man is a Weaver by Elizabeth Chesley Baity.  Hardback pp333. A 1947 illustrated guide to the history of weaving - written in a lively and informal style.  £5

W16.  Weaving, Spinning and Dyeing - a beginner's manual.  by Virginia G. Hower.  Softback pp168  £4

W17.  A Step by Step Guide to Woven Carpets and Rugs by Ann Croot.  Hardback ex library pp 80 £4

W18.  Weaving a Navajo Blanket by Gladys A. Reichard.  Softback pp 222.  £5

W19.  Weaving with the Rigid Heddle Loom by Anne Field.  Hardback pp94  a comprehensive guide in vgc.  £5

W20.  Warp and Weave by Robert Leclerc.  Softback pp113  a great guide to loom weaving by this renowned loom maker.  £5

W21.  The Technique of Weaving by John Tovey.   pp126  An excellent comprehensive guide for anyone starting out with weaving.  £5

W22.  Warping All By Yourself by Cay Garrett.  Sofback 160 - well thumbed but a great guide to the warping process.  £4.50

W24.  Frame Loom Weaving by Jane Redman.  Softback pp144.  How to create fantastic weaving with very basic equipment.   £5

W25.  Weaving You Can Wear by Jean Wilson with Jan Burhen.  Hardback pp127  ex library copy.  £4

W26.  Weaving is For Anyone by Jean Wilson.   Softback pp144  An inspiring guide to weaving without expensive equipment - let your imagination fly!  £5

W27.  The Weaver's Book of Fabric Design by Janet Phillips.  Hardback pp140  Packed with patterns and information for anyone working on four shafts.  £6

W28.  Scandinavian Weaving - projects to make for your home by Tina Ignell.  Softback pp128 vgc. Gorgeous projects with beautiful illustrations and clear instructions.  £7

W30.  Step by Step Weaving - a complete introduction to the craft of weaving, illustrated in full colour by Nell Znamierowski.  Softback pp93  £4

W31.  Weaving for Beginners by Lynn Paulin.  Easy to follow, full colour instructions for simple needle weaving on lap looms.  Softback pp40  £4

W32.  The Art of the Loom - weaving, spinning an dyeing across the world by Ann Hecht.  Softback pp208 vgc    a beautifully illustrated journey across the world of weaving.  £7

W33.  Weaving and Spinning:  tapestry, tablet, finger and inkle weaving looms, spinning - all explored in this  hardback guide.  pp134 £4

W34.  Designing for Weaving - a study guide for drafting, design and color by Carol.S.Kurtz.  Softback pp96  From basic patter drafting onwards... all clearly described.  £6

W35.  A Step by Step Guide to Woven Carpets and Rugs by Ann Croot.  Hardback pp80  £4

W36.  Your Book of Weaving by Roger Lewis.  Hardback pp48  A simple and practical introduction - suitable for young people starting out as weavers.  £4

 WL3.  Small Scale Weaving - a Search press booklet, colour illustrated. £1









S1. The Little Book of Sheep "an amazing and diverting collection of sheep to amuse and delight" pocket size hardback pp56 with beautiful illustrations.  £3

S2.  Handspinner's Handbook by Bette Hochberg Softback pp65 £2

S3.  The Craft of Handspinning by Eileen Chadwick.  Softback pp167   £5

S4.  The Joy of Spinning by Marilyn Kluger.  Hardback pp186  How to choose a wheel or restore one, card, spin, use natural dyes and much more!  £5

S6.  Homespun Handknit - caps, socks, mittens and gloves edited by Linda Ligon.  An Interweave Press softback vgc pp160   Lots of lovely things to make with your handspun!  £6

S7.  Spinning Wheels Spinners and Spinning by Patricia Baines.   pp252  £8 softback £5

S8.  Creative Crafts with Wool and Flax by Molly Duncan.  Hardback pp64  £4

S10.  Spinning, Dyeing and Weaving.  A WI home skills guide to basic techniques and equipment.  Softback   £3.50

S11.  Buddhism for Sheep  - illustrations by Chris Riddell.... pocket sized wisdom!  £3

S12.  Sheep and Wool by T.A.Thompson.   ex library children's book but a really informative read!  £2 

S13.  Stylish Knitting from Handspun or Commercial Yarns. by Nina Shuttlewood.  Hardback pp136 £5

SL1.  Spinning Wheels - Ulster Museum  booklet compiled by G. B. Thompson.  £1

SL2.  Spindle Spinning - Needle Crafts booklet £1

SL7. Spinning and Spinning Wheels by Eliza Leadbeater £1



D1.  Passion For Colour - designer knitting with natural dyes by Sarah Burnett.  Hardback pp156.  £7

D2.  Dyeing For Fibres and Fabrics.  Softback pp79  £4

D3.  Hands on Dyeing by Betsy Blumenthal and Kathryn Kreider.  Softback pp110   A great Interweave Press guide.£5

D4.  Tie and Dye - as a present day craft by Anne Maile.  Hardback pp180  ex library copy.  £2

D5.  Synthetic Dyeing - for spinners, weavers, knitters and embroiderers by Frances and Tony Tompson.  Hardback pp134.  £6

D6.  Craft of the Dyer - colour from plants and lichens by Karen Leigh Casselman.  Softback pp248.  £5

D10.  Dye One Knit One by Helen Deighan and Linda De Ruiter.  Softback pp96 vgc  A wonderful How To book with fantastic patterns and lots of info and recipes on dyeing all beautifully illustrated.  £7


















K1.  The Harmony Guide to Knitting Stitches softback pp96  A comprehensive pattern library. vgc £5

K2.  The Sweater Workshop by Jacqueline Fee.  Spiral bound softback pp168    throw away your patterns and follow this brilliant guide.  £7

K3.  Knitter's Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmermann.  Projects for each month of the year.  Softback pp147  Keep yourself busy all year with this lovely little book.  £4.50

K4.  The Handknitter's Design Book - a practical guide to creating beautiful knitwear by Alison Ellen.  Hardback pp144  An inspirational book by this brilliant designer/knitter.  £8

K5.  Mary Thomas's Knitting Book.  Softback pp255    From the correct way to wind a ball of wool to the creation of traditional Shetland shawls.... a classic guide.  £5

K6.  The Harmony Guide to Knitting Stitches - volume three.  Charts and written instructions for each stitch.  Softback pp96  £5

K7.  The Complete Book of Knitting Crochet and Embroidery.  Large format hardback pp480  a comprehensive guide.  £5

K8.  Kaffe Fassett at the V & A.  Knitting and Needlepoint. with photos by Steve Lovi.  Hardback pp158   As with all his books - packed with inspiration.  £5

K9.  The Knitting Book by Jo Compton.  which yarn?  choosing a stitch, basic patterns to adapt, how to start designing and much more.  Softback pp102  £6

K10.  The Country Diary Book of Knitting by Annette Mitchell.  Hardback pp160 beautiful water colours, and lovely photos and patterns in this as new copy. £6

K11.  Knitting For All the Family - Introduction by Una Stubbs.   Beautiful French design combined with easy to follow instructions.  Hardback pp190 £5

K12.  Glorious Knitting by Kaffe Fassett.  Over 30 exclusive patterns in this beautiful softback pp160  £6

K13.  Knitability by Linda O'Brian and Gyles Brandreth.  as new hardback pp94 fun knits for all the family - lots of info. and great illustrations. £5

K14.  The Knitter's Bible - designs for children and adults by Kate Buller.  Hardback pp176  Use the step by step guide to learn new techniques.   £8

K15.  Knit Hats Now - more than 40 knitted hats from 21 top designers.  Softback pp96.  step by step instructions all clearly illustrated.  Patterns for all skill levels.  £5

K16.  Luxury Yarn One-Skein Wonders - 101 small indulgences edited by Judith Durant.  Alpaca, Organic cotton, Bamboo, Cashmere, Silk, Soy, Corn, Angora, Mohair, Qiviut.  Softback pp271  £8

K17.  A Passion for Knitting = step by step illustrated techniques, easy patterns and essential resources for becoming part of the world of knitting.   By Nancy J. Thomas and Ilana Rabinowitz.  Softback pp270  £7

K18.  Knitivity - create your own Christmas scene by Fiona Goble.  Softback pp80.  £4.50

K19.  Introduction to Knitting - a Golden Hands publication.  Hardback pp116.  Easy to follow beginners course.  Stitches and patterns to perfect your techniques.  £4.50

K20.  Jaeger Handknits - 12 exclusive Jaeger hand knit designs for babies and toddlers from Debbie Bliss.  Softback vgc pp41 £4.50

K21.  Rowan Felted Collection.  A collection of 17 accessory designs by Sarah Hatton.  Softback pp38  £3.50

K22.  Passion for Colour - designer knitting with natural dyes by Sarah Burnett.  Hardback pp139   Glorious illustrations and inspiring designs.  £5

K23.  Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls by Martha Waterman.  Softback pp118  £7

K24.  Sue Bradley's Cotton Collection - delightful florals, classic textures, fascinating birds and beasts, sporty geometrics.  Softback pp95 20 easy to knit designs. £4.50

K25.  Nursery Knitting by Lena Stengard.  Hardback vgc pp112 lots of lovely designs for babies and youngsters up to four.  Superb photography and easy to follow instructions. £6

K26.  Not Just More Socks by Sandi Rosner.  Softback pp68  16 out of the ordinary knitting projects for self striping sock yarn.  £5

K27.  Adventures in Knitting.  Breaking the rules and creating unique designs by Brenda Shapeero.  Hardback pp96.  Stitch know-how, needle know-how, equpment for decoration, embellishments, colour, yarns and much more.  £5

K28.  The Art of Knitting edited by Eve Harlow.  Garments for today from patterns of the past.  Hardback pp160  This book is designed for the connoisseur.  The patterns are not simple but the results are beautiful and original.    £5

K29.  Colourful Knits for You and Your Child by Zoe Mellor.  softback pp80  over 25 innovative designs for women and children up to ten years old - creative use of colour and design to suit knitters of all abilities.  £4

K30.  The Sweater Book - 50 original handknits by top designers.  Hardback pp141 a compendium of beautiful designs for day and evening wear.  £3.50

K31.  Knitting Wildlife by Ruth Herring and Karen Manners.  A wide range of styles and garments for all ages inspired by wildlife designs in association with the World Wildlife Fund - Celebrity models include Marie Helvin and Imran Khan.  Hardback pp94 £5

K32.  A Complete Guide to Knitting edited by Pam Dawson.  Hardback pp160    just as it says in the title!  £4.50

K33.  The Book of Machine Knitting by David Holbourne.  Hardback pp119 £4

K34.  Design for Duomatics by Eileen Metcalf.  Booklet pp64  £3

K35.  The Artistic Collection by Jo Beedles.  Booklet pp56  Machine knitting.   £3

K36.  The Half Pint Collection by Jo Beedles.  Booklet pp62  £3

K37.  The Penguin Book of Knitting by Pam Dawson.  Softback pp144 £3

K38.  Framework Knitting by Marilyn Palmer - a Shire Album booklet.  £1

K39.  Knitting - an illustrated pocket guide to over 90 beautiful patterns.  Hardback pp94vgc £3.50

K49.  The Jean Moss Designer Knits Collection.  More than 30 original sweater and cardigan patterns.  Hardback pp160 £5

K50.  Sweaters from the Seaton Collection.  More than 20 inovative pullovers, cardigans, vests and jackets to knit.  by Jamie and Jessi Seaton.  Hardback pp144 beautifully photographed. £5

K58.   Essentials Children's Knits softback pp96 vgc Over 40 easy to make designs to suit every youngster from tiny babies to 12 year olds. £4


C1. The Crochet Answer Book - solutions to every problem you'll ever face.  Answers to every question you'll ever ask.  By Edie Eckman.  Pocket hardback pp318.  £5

C2.  The Craft of Crochet by Pam Dawson.  Hardback pp123 £4

C3. The Colour Book of Crochet by Mary Stalling. Hardback pp91 An instructive introduction to the craft with a wide range of designs for home accessories, garments and gifts. £4

C4.  The Crochet Workbook - a concise crochet course designed to encourage a creative and imaginative approach to the craft.  by Sylvia Cosh and James Walters.  Hardback pp96  £5

C6.  200 Crochet Blocks for blankets, throws and afghans.  by Jan Eaton.  Softback pp128  £6

Braid Making, Knotting, Tablets, Felt

B1.  Weaving Bands by Liv Trotzig and Astrid Axelsson.  Softback pp88.  a great little guide to woven, tablet, plaited and insertion braids.   £3.50

B2.  Learnabout Knots.  A Ladybird book.  £3

B3.  Creative Kumihimo by Jacqui Carey.  Softback pp100.  A new approach to the ancient art of Japanese braiding. £8 vgc

B4.  Tablet Weaving - a personal approach by Michael Crompton.  Booklet pp38  an excellent first guide. £2

B5.  Braidmaking by Barbara Pegg.  Softback pp80  Packed with techniques: plaiting, finger braids, knotted braids (macrame), woven braids, tassels, fringes and more.... £5

B6.  Finger Weaving:   Indian Braiding by Alta R. Turner.   Softback pp 48.  £3

B7.  Kumihimo - Japanese Silk Braiding Techniques by Catherine Martin.  Softback pp90  signed copy. £5

B9.  Sling Braiding of the Andes by Adele Cahlander.  Softback pp92 fully illustrated and clear instructions.  £5

B10.  New Ways with Tablet Weaving by Anne Dyer  or There's a Snag in it Somewhere.  Softback vgc pp60 very clear instructions and diagrams... £5



Felt Making

F1.  Feltmaking - fabulous wearables, jewelry and home accents by Chad Alice Hagen.  Softback pp80.  Full of lovely vibrantly colourful projects.     An inspirational book.  £5

F2.  Felting Fashion - creative and inspirational techniques for feltmakers.  by Lizzie Houghton.  Hardback pp126  Practical ideas for creating beautiful clothes - step by step instructions for working with nuno felt and more.   vgc £8

F3.  Felted Knits by Beverly Galeskas.  Softback pp112.  A wonderful guide by Interweave Press covering all aspects of felted knitting with 36 projects to create.  vgc  £7

F4.  Simply Felt - 20 easy and elegant designs in wool by Margaret Docherty and Jayne Emerson.  Softback pp 128.  Another gorgeous Interweave Press publication with 20 projects to inspire.  £6 vgc

F5.  Nuno Felt by Liz Clay.  Techniques and inspiration for accessories and home interiors.  Softback pp128  vgc.  £7

F6.  Felt Making - techniques and projects by Inge Evers.  softback pp87 - a handy introduction, clearly illustrated.  £4.50

F7.  Feltmaking - the whys and wherefores by Sheila Smith and Freda Walker.  Softback pp72 a great little introductory guide.  £4.50

F8.  Felt Without Seams - making hollow forms (book 2) by Sheila Smith.  Softback pp14  a great booklet packed with info and tips.  £3


Carpets and Rugs

CR1. All Colour Book of Oriental Carpets and Rugs by Stanley Reed. Hardback pp72 102 colour plates. £5

CR2.  European and Oriental Rugs for Pleasure and Investment by Jack Franses.   Hardback pp176 £4

CR3.  Oriental Rugs and Carpets by Fabio Formenton.  Hardback pp250.  A comprehensive guide with great illustrations.  £4.50

CR4.  The Tiger Rugs of Tibet by Mimi Lipton.  Large format softback pp190  A fascinating study of these very rare possessions of the Tibetan elite.  Possibly fewer than 200 in existence today.  108 colour plates and 50 illustrations.   £7

CR5.  Rugs from The American Museum in Britain by Shiela Betterton.  Softback pp56  £3

CR7.  Charted Designs for Needle Made Rugs by Sibyl L. Mathews.  Hardback pp146  beautiful designs to follow.  £3.50

CR8.  Magic Carpets - a guide to creative rug making by Melinda Coss and Sylvie Soudan.  Hardback pp128  30 colourful and original rug designs with full instructions on how to make them.  £5

CR9.  Creative Rug Making - a golden hands crafts book.  Hardback pp86.  Over 25 designs for you to make.  Sewn, rag, crochet, knitted, hooked, flat stitch and rya.  £5

CR12.  How to Make Hand-Hooked Rag Rugs by Ann Davies.   Softback pp48  £3.50

CR13.  Rugs and Wall Hangings - an illustrated pocket guide to over 50 beautiful designs.  Softback pp96  £3

O26. Carpets of Central Persia by May H. Beattie. Softback pp104 from the World of Islam Festival 1976 catalogue – beautiful illustrations and lots of information but some pages torn out. £1.50

043.  Oriental Rugs in Colour by Preben Liebetrau - hardback pp130  65 colour plates illustrate this lovely little guide. £4

068.  Rag Rugs softback pp26  hooked, braided an more. £3



Other Books

M1.  The Designs of William Morris.  Gorgeous pocket book of designs in full colour.  £3

M2.  The Life and Works of William Morris.  Hardback pp79.  vgc  full colour plates.  £4

M3.  William Morris - Wallpapers and Chintzes by Fiona Clark.  Softback pp95  a comprehensive and fully illustrated guide.  £5

M4.  William Morris and the Arts and Crafts Movement - a Source Book by Linda Parry.  Large format hardback 100 colour plates.  £6

M5.  William Morris - Decor and Design by Elizabeth Wilhide.   Hardback pp191  a beautifully illustrated guide to this legendary designer and his works.  £6

M6.  The Arts and Crafts Movement by Steven Adams.  Hardback pp128  A lavishly illustrated and comprehensive guide.  £5

M7.  Patterns for Textiles.  The V & A colour books series.  Hardback 32pp  £3

M8.  North American Indian Designs by Eva Wilson.  (British Museum Pattern Books).  Large format softback.  350 line drawings.  £5

M9.  20's and 30's Style by Michael Horsham.  Hardback pp128  a feast for anyone with a love of this style.  £5

M10.  The Impressionists Book of Days - a sumptuous collection of the artists, their paintings and their lives.  by Viv Croot.  Hardback.  You are invited to spend a year with the artists - every page is saturated with texture, colour and luminosity that characterize Impressionist style.  £5

M11.  Color Theory by Jose M. Parramon.  Softback pp108  colour theory made easy!  £5

M13.  RagWork by Lizzie Reakes.  Photography by Tim Imrie.  Hardback pp96.  Complete  step by step instructions for 25 projects from hooked and prodded rugs to hats and jewellery.  £4

M14.  Color, Light, Sight, Sense by Moritz Zwimpfer.  Hardback pp506   An overview of those processes that lead to the perception of colors.. more than 700 photos and diagrams.  The book is intended especially for readers who are concerned with visual objects professionally or from personal interest.  £5

M15.  Woodstock Craftsman's Manual.  A straight ahead guide to Weaving, pottery, macrame, beads, leather, tie dye and batik, embroidery, silkscreen, candles, crochet and more.  Jean Young.  Large format softback pp253 - contact your inner hippy!  £5

M16.  Introducing Textiles and Design by Vulker and Cooper.  Softback pp126  written for junior secondary courses in textiles and design. £3

M17.  The Thread of Life - the story of our use of cellulose.  Softback published by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.    A beautifully illustrated guide.  £2

M18.  Textiles by Britain  by Grace Lovat Fraser.    Published in the 1940's Hardback pp180.  a wonderful, vintage guide to British textiles.  Black and white photos.  ex- art college library. £5

M19.  Textile Classics - a complete guide to furnishing fabrics and their uses. by Melanie Paine.  Hardback pp240  £8

M20.  The Craft Traditions of India by Jaya Jaitly.  Hardback pp96 a beautifully illustrated guide.  £4

M21.  Traditional Indian Textiles by John Gillow and Nicholas Barnard.  Softback pp160  Glorious illustrations in this excellent guide.   £5

M22.  Sashiko - easy and elegant designs for decorative machine embroidery by Mary Parker.  Softback pp144.  Sashiko is a traditional Japanese technique - admired for its timeless beauty.  Gorgeous illustrations and inspirational.  £6

M23.  Textiles of Central and South America by Angela Thompson.  Hardback pp192 vgc glorious illustrations.  £7

M24.  Complete Contemporary Craft Textiles.  75 beautiful projects.  Weaving, quilting, felt making, crochet, knitting and more.  vgc. large format hardback pp382  £7

M25.  The Textile Reader edited by Jessica Hemmings.  softback pp460  vgc selected authors include: Anni Albers, Gilles Deleuze, Sadie Plant and many more... a wonderful read.  £8

M26.  Decorative  Beadwork by Debbie Siniska  Hardback pp96  An inspirational guide. £5

M27.  A History of Textile Art by Agnes Geijer.  Hardback pp316  £5

M28.  Caring For Textiles.  by Karen Finch and Greta Putnam.  Hardback pp104  £5

M29.  Unlike the Lilies - Doukhobor Textile Traditions in Canada by Dorothy K. Burnham.  Softback vgc pp102. £5

M30.  Shibori - the art of fabric tying, folding, pleating and dyeing by Elfriede Moller.  Softback pp64,  vgc  £5

M31.  Colour Harmony 2 - more than 1400 new colour combinations for the designer  a step by step guide to choosing and harmonizing tones.... fabulous! £5

M32.  Scrapbooking - 48 inspirational ideas for cataloguing and displaying treasured memories.  Softback pp 224   £6 vgc

M33.  Make Your Own Books and Boxes - portfolios, photo albums and decorative papers by Peter Baumgartner.  Softback pp94 vgc  £5

M34.  The Handmade Book by Angela James.  Hardback pp80 vgc  Includes 13 step by step handmade book projects and much more.  £5

M35.  Surfaces for Stitch  plastics, films and fabrics by Gwen Hedley.  Hardback pp144 - an inspirational book, packed with info and ideas and in vgc.  £6

M36.  Small Amish Quilt Patterns for Crib Quilts and Wall Hangings.  by Rachel T. Pellman.  Softback pp124 - new revised edition - beautiful!  £5

M37.  The Feisty Stitcher - sewing projects with attitude.   Unexpected materials, 30 fearless ideas, innovative techniques.  by Susan Wasinger.  Softback pp128 vcg  £5

M38.  Make Your Own Japanese Clothes - patterns and ideas for modern wear by John Marshall.  Softback pp130 in vgc.  £5

M39.  Anonymous was a Woman - a celebration in words and images of traditional American art and the women who made it.  by Mirra Bank.  softback pp128  £5

ML1.  William Morris - an illustrated life  - The Pitkin Guide.  £1

ML2.  American Textiles and Needlework by Shiela Betterton -published by the American Museum.  £1

ML3.  The Woollen Industry by Chris Aspin (Shire Album) £1

ML4.  The Cotton Industry by Chris Aspin (Shire Album) £1

ML5.  Patchwork by Pamela Clabburn (Shire Album) £1

ML6.  Kelmscott -an illustrated guide by A. R. Dufty.  The home of William Morris. £1

ML7.  Rag Rugs - a Needle Crafts booklet. £1