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Floor Looms

Dobby looms, Jacquard looms and tapestry looms follow in separate sections


Having trouble setting up your loom?  In a muddle with warping?

It can be so frustrating when all you want to do is start not call in the Loom Wizard?  I will travel to you to help you to sort out any problems you are experiencing with your loom.  With over 25 years of experience with all types of hand looms (excluding dobby looms) I have set up and fine tuned numerous looms.  I can also help with warping and tie-ups.  

I am prepared to travel within a radius of 50 miles of Midhurst, West Sussex.

"Having had over 2 weeks of frustration with my counterbalance loom, I contacted Hilary in,
 despair, she quickly came to the rescue, spotted the problems, retied the heddles & treadles
 so that I am happily  weaving again- marvellous!"   Janice

"Hilary came to my rescue when I had borrowed a small Lillstina Floor Loom that was in need of some restoration.  With great anticipation of weaving again after 25 years I suddenly felt completely helpless and frustrated having no idea where to begin or who to ask for help.  Hilary arrived, repair kit in hand and tackled the problem with enthusiasm and know how. She reconstructed the parts that weren’t functioning leaving me all set up ready to start; I have been happily weaving rugs since.  The Loom is now in a very good state, which makes warping up much simpler. Thank you very much Hilary."  Daphne


£20 per hour (includes travelling time) plus 40p per mile

Contact: Hilary Charlesworth
Tel: 01730 817191
Advertised Since: Sunday 14 April 2013


Large upright wooden tapestry loom eg Ashford or similar but not a Dryad thanks. Looking for a minimum 36 inch weaving width. Must be in good condition. Ideally with tension adjustment and shedding device.  Can collect but easier in the North West.



Contact: Chris Leybourne
Tel: 01539 723 926 or mobile 07769 656 658
Advertised Since: Monday 15 December 2014

WANTED Schacht Baby Wolf or Mighty Wolf

Schacht Baby Wolf or Mighty Wolf folding floor loom in good condition.  Can collect but easier in the North West.

Contact: Chris Leybourne
Tel: 01539 723 926 or mobile 07769 656 658
Advertised Since: Monday 15 December 2014

WANTED Glimakra Countermarche Floor Loom

I am looking for a Glimakra Countermarche floor loom.

Contact: Janet Coppins
Tel: 01243 789 293 or mobile: 07722 044 932
Advertised Since: Monday 17 March 2014

WANTED for AVL dobby loom

Wanted - second beam for AVL dobby loom.  40" sectional or standard.  Can arrange courier to pick up.  Anyone with two beams who only uses one?   

Contact: Sallie
Tel: 01723 859 465
Advertised Since: Saturday 23 March 2013

1. Countermarch Floor Loom

Four shafts, 5' weaving width, pull cord operated warp beam release, in built raddle plus adjustable weaver's bench.

£600 ono

Contact: Grace
Tel: 01594 517226 or 01594 510740 (glos) cp/hill
Advertised Since: Friday 12 August 2011

2. Harris 8 Shaft Countermarch Floor Loom

HARRIS Counter March 8 shaft floor loom with double back beam, made from macorie hard wood. A strong reliable work horse who has served me well for many years. Buyer needs to collect from Milton Keynes.  Please call to arrange a viewing or for any queries.

£2000 ono

Contact: Miriam Anderson
Tel: 01908 225 966 (until end of September 2013) then: 07583 689 702
Advertised Since: Tuesday 27 August 2013

3. Nilus Leclerc Jack Type Loom

Nilus Leclerc, Jack-type, 36" loom. Rising action. 4 harness, 6 treadles. Loom has had very little use. Bought in 1978. Very good condition. Ratchet handle missing, hence fair price £1000. Move requires sale! Buyer collects. Alnwick, Northumberland.

£600 ono

Contact: Sandra Keenan
Tel: 01665 602 922
Advertised Since: Tuesday 26 August 2014

4. Hand Made Crofters Loom

Hand made crofters loom by W. Tennant of Dingwall.  Made from Iroko wood.  4 shaft and 6 treadles.
Measures 5' x 4'9" x 5' 10" High.  Attached warping frame and pegs.  4 extra Frames and reeds, set of wire healds.  Technical drawings.
Buyer collects (North Wales)

£900 ono

Contact: Kay Wilkinson
Tel: 01407 832 510 or mobile: 07999 887 573
Advertised Since: Monday 02 June 2014

5. Leclerc Nilus II 8 shaft 45” Jack loom

Leclerc Loom – Nilus II 8 shaft 45" Jack loom.  Very reluctant sale. 10 front attached treadles, Sectional 1" warp beam with tensioning system. Sectional warping box. 2 x warping frames with spools. 3 x reeds (8, 12 and 20 ends per inch). Bench with storage bins either end plus lift up centre storage. Fold up chair for warping inside frame. Temples plus other items of equipment. There are books, CD magazines and DVDs that also can be taken. Hardly used due injury. Collection will be required. Based in Bristol

£2000 ono

Contact: Mrs. Angela Panes
Tel: 07971 674 898
Advertised Since: Tuesday 25 March 2014

5a. AVL Warping Wheel

AVL Warping Wheel.  Very reluctant Sale. AVL Warping Wheel complete setup with Counter. Hardly used due to injury. Collection with be required. Based in Bristol

£500 ono

Contact: Mrs. Angela Panes
Tel: 07971 647 898
Advertised Since: Tuesday 25 March 2014

6. Glimakra Standard Four Shaft Loom

Glimakra Standard counterbalance 120cm 4 shaft loom. Swedish pine. 30 -120 Reed and 50-120 Reed. Table Warping Mill 2.5m. Complete with full accessories and ready for immediate use after assembly. Includes instructions for assembly and original paperwork (bought new in 1989 one owner). Very good condition.   Will consider delivery within 30 miles of Pewsey, Wiltshire.


Contact: Lygo Roberts
Tel: 01672 562 392
Advertised Since: Monday 08 September 2014

7. Wolf Pup Floor Loom

Schacht Spindle Wolf Pup in perfect condition, 18 inch weaving width. Includes various accessories – warping sticks, shuttles of varying lengths, a warping frame, raddle, fork and a selection of yarns.

Reading, Berkshire – buyer collects.



Advertised Since: Tuesday 02 December 2014

8. Danish Floor Loom

DANISH FLOOR LOOM  4 -way..String heddles. Weaves up to 40  inches. Shuttles.   Warping  mill.  Bobbin  winder, Seat.  Assorted yarns also available.   West Devon area    Buyer Collects

£450 ono

Contact: Sybil Tope
Tel: 01837 861315
Advertised Since: Thursday 14 November 2013

9. Leclerc Colonial 1 Four Shaft Floor Loom

Leclerc Colonial 1 60" 4 shaft floor loom complete with flying shuttle beater and a 12 dents per inch reed.  The loom has many extras: (a) conversion kits for it to be set up as a Jack type or as a counter balanced loom. (b) a sectional direct warp beam and tension box. (c) a brand new 8 dents per inch reed still in its original wrapper. (d) a custom made weavers bench with storage. (e) also included in the price are a 40 bobbin rack, ski and boat shuttles.    The loom has had very little use and is in very good condition.  Collection from near Weston-super-Mare.


£1995 (all sensible offers will be considered)

Contact: Lesley Stimson
Tel: 01934 822 218
Advertised Since: Saturday 05 July 2014

10. Leclerc Artisat SOLD

Leclerc Artisat 36" floor loom.  Very good condition.  Four Shafts.  Weaving width: 36" (90cm).  Includes sticks, shuttles, reeds etc.  Folds back and front with weaving in tact.  Move requires sale.  Collection only from Taunton area of Somerset.


Advertised Since: Thursday 30 October 2014

11. Countermarch Floor Loom

COUNTERMARCH FLOOR LOOM  4 / 8 Shafts. Fitted with the Texsolv tie-up system. Hasn't been used for a while due to other commitments.  Various reeds, shuttles and sticks etc. included.   To be collected from North London


£200 ono

Contact: Brenda Godrich
Tel: 020 7607 8975
Advertised Since: Friday 01 February 2013

12. Don Porritt Countermarch 8 shaft loom

Don Porritt countermarche floor loom, 8 shafts, 10 treadles, 130cm weaving width, double back beam (no apron on top beam), brand new Texsolv tie-up all round, reed (8dpi - Note: reed width 110cm), raddle, sticks etc.     Collection from Dawlish, Devon.

Loom: £500

Contact: Padmavyuha 01626 439401
Tel: 01626 439 401
Advertised Since: Monday 25 November 2013

14. George & John Maxwell Floor Loom

4 shafts, 6 treadles, Counter march, 90 cm wide floor loom. Double back beam ( No apron on top beam). Various reeds and sticks included. Collection from South East London.



Contact: Yumiko
Advertised Since: Thursday 30 October 2014

15. Dryad Upright Floor Loom

Dimensions: (HxWxD) Imperial (in) 70x44x29 Weaving Width: 34.5 metric(cm) 178x112x74 Weaving Width: 87

Buyer to collect from Near Twyford, Berks 

Offers welcome

Contact: J. Allaway
Tel: 0118 969 3229
Advertised Since: Tuesday 28 January 2014

17. Swedish Glimakra Viking Floor Loom

This loom is in excellent condition and is still owned by the original owner. The weaving
width is 36" with 4 harnesses and 6 treadles and a low profile castle. Texsolv (string)
heddles and tie ups make for extremely quiet weaving (as opposed to the metal heddles).
The loom measures 46 inches wide x 42 inches deep x 37 inches high when fully opened
and operational however the back beam folds up as a space saving device with a closed
dimension of 46 inches x 42 inches. A Glimakra adjustable bench and 27 1/2 x 24 1/2
inch warping frame come with the loom as well as a 6 and 12 dent reed, raddle, warping,
end and lease sticks. Also included are the original assembly instructions and other useful
tools. I will likely throw some yarn in as well!
This jack style loom is easy to treadle, has an excellent shed and a great braking system.
It is a sturdy loom which makes it suitable for weaving rugs as well as fine cloths.
This is a high quality Swedish made loom that would be great for new weavers. It has
been lightly used and spent some of it's time in storage. It's compact nature and great
design make it an acceptable feature in any room. 
Loom can be picked up at PE28 5AW or delivered for a price.
More photos available.

Price with all accessories is £950 ono

Contact: J. Auty
Tel: 01480 891 288
Advertised Since: Saturday 18 October 2014

18. Schacht Baby Wolf SOLD

International Move forces sale.     Schacht Baby Wolf, 26” weaving width, 4 harness, 6 treadle, two reeds, raddle, lease sticks.  Slightly damaged wood near 1 wheel.  Collection from Bolton, Lancs



Advertised Since: Friday 31 October 2014

19. Geo. and John B. Maxwell 8 shaft Countermarch Floor Loom

36" beam, double back beam, with assorted reeds, sticks and shuttles. I also have a collection of weaving books which I am happy to pass on with the loom.  This is a big, sturdy loom, ideal for rug and blanket making. It measures 52" front to back (60" at floor level including treadles), 45" wide, 62" tall, so it is collection only from Hampshire area please. Second picture shows loom disassembled to give some idea of transport requirement.



Contact: Elaine Hall
Tel: 07748 631347 (text only initially) or 02392 715382,
Advertised Since: Wednesday 10 December 2014

20. Toika Norjaana Floor Loom

Toika Norjaana Floor Loom, 76cm/30" weaving width, countermarche, 4 shafts, 6 treadles,Texsolv heddles, 2 reeds: 8 and 12. Warpsticks and stick shuttles, bench as well as all original instructions. Sale due to down sizing. All in good working order.  Collection from Bristol area.

£350 ono

Contact: Cynthia Kirkland
Tel: 01179 238 869
Advertised Since: Wednesday 17 December 2014

21. Leclerc Sectional Warping Kit

Back beam attachment fits 36", 100cm back beam.  Has 1" sections.  Complete with Leclerc Tension Box and Counter and Spool Racks made by an engineer.  All in very good condition.  The spool racks are disassembled but I have lots of photos of them in working order.  We also have some drawloom parts made the same engineer. Again photos are available. They are currently stored near Wisbech, Cambs.  Buyer collects from there or local delivery possible.

£150 ono

Contact: Chris Tucker
Tel: 01767 650 904 (evenings)
Advertised Since: Wednesday 17 December 2014

29. American Studio Floor Loom

American built STUDIO floor loom.  Four shafts, six treadles, sectioned warp beam.  Four foot beam, wire heddles.  Very good condition.  


Contact: May Gunn
Tel: 01764 683 362 (Perthshire)
Advertised Since: Saturday 17 March 2012

DL1. Louet Octado Mechanical Dobby

This listing is for a Louet Octado Mechanical Dobby weaving loom. Here is what is included
1. The loom 110cm wide version (the widest they do with the Octado) with 110cm reed 40epcm/10dpi, 90 lags and pegs included.
2. The Louet bench for the Octado, with multiple height positions
3. A wheeled shuttle with bobbin
4. 2 Lease sticks 
5. Numerous warp sticks 
6. Reed threader 
7. Octado instruction booklet 

In total, brand new there is over £5000 worth of kit. I am selling due to a moveabroad and don't want to take it with us in case of damage!   It is a totally beautiful loom, which is so simple to weave on, but whose capabilities are anything but simple. More pictures available if required.  It is collection only from South Lanarkshire in Scotland.

£3750 or very nearest offer

Contact: Michelle Bowling-Johnson
Advertised Since: Tuesday 07 October 2014

DL2. Megado 110 Floor Loom

32 Harness/Shaft mechanical dobby with multiple program bars and pegs. Double Beam, 110cm weaving width (can be doubled when weaving double cloth)

161x1127x131cm This loom is really compact and does not take up much space.

Made from Lacquered ash hardwood.  Included;  Stainless Steel Reeds, Spare Tecsolv, Lease and Tie up Sticks, Warp Winder, Bench, A variety of silk and woolen yarns.   This loom is professional standard in industry. The selected shafts and the back beam move in conjunction to create a countermarch shed. The lifting mechanism is incredibly light to operate, even when lifting most of the shafts. The loom is as new and a bargain.

Collection from Bristol area.


Price for the whole lot is £6000

Contact: Emma Fallon
Tel: 07758 063184, or if no answer please send text.
Advertised Since: Thursday 30 October 2014

DL3. 24 Shaft ARM Loom,SOLD

24 Shaft ARM Loom, Patronic B60    made by ARM CH-3507, Bingden, Switzerland.  Weaving width 60cm (max).  24 shafts with 1200/shaft.  2 warp beams with ratchet handle and lease rods.  Sliding beater.  Driving by 2 treadles or crank handle.  Also have 11 reeds for the loom: 10,11,12,13,14,15,18,20,22,24 & 26.  A flat warp winder and a couple of boxes of yarns available too.  Loom is in very good condition.  Buyer collects from Devon.


Advertised Since: Thursday 06 November 2014

DL5. Harris 24 shaft Dobby Loom

HARRIS 24 shaft dobby loom. 3m high, 1.4 metres wide going up to 2.55 with fly shuttle, 2.2 m deep inc pedal.  80 lags with metal pegs. 36" weaving width. 2 beams, additional fly shuttle, reeds, other bits and pieces.   Collection from Oxford



£2000 ono

Contact: Ally Baker
Tel: 01865 864 812
Advertised Since: Friday 15 November 2013

DL9. AVL Reconditioned 16" 24 harness Workshop Dobby Loom

AVL reconditioned 16" 24 harness Workshop Dobby Loom.  USB-Serial High speed adaptor for PC or Mac.  WeaveMaker software for MAC OS X and Manual on CD-ROM.   Small Handshuttle (includes 3 bobbins; 11" length).  16" stainless steel reed.  Sley hooks.  Upgrade 16 " Pawl and Gear, WDL - cloth beam only.  Above was used only a few weeks after importing from U.S.A.     Collection from Cardiff area.


Contact: C. Wagg
Tel: Chris: 0770 2233 728 or Steve: 0776 214 8723
Advertised Since: Friday 19 July 2013

DL21. George Wood Loom Frame

36" with 3 box fly shuttle, 16 shaft Robert Hall mechanical dobby head and quantity of industrial shafts - needs some DIY skills to restore shuttle boxes and adjust dobby and assemble as a working loom - only £450 - could help assemble at reasonable rate(£80/day+ travel) within 50 of mile radius of mid wales.


Contact: Steve Attwood-Wright
Tel: 01686 670793 (Shropshire/Mid Wales Border)
Advertised Since: Friday 06 November 2009

DL6b. George Wood 16 Shaft 36" Weaving Width Dobby Loom

Purchased from local university but unable to erect and use due to recurring back problem.  Dismantled and ready for collection. Sold as seen at  bargain price: £990.


Contact: Dorothy Hutchings
Tel: 01509 821601 (Leics)
Advertised Since: Monday 02 January 2012

TL5. Maxwell Upright Tapestry Loom

A bespoke loom crafted by in the early 1960's by Maxwell's. This was made for a family friend's home studio whilst she was a textile lecturer at Central Saint Martins University, London.  The loom has weaving width of roughly 76", it has 2 shafts, 3 pairs of pedals, metal top & bottom rollers & a reed holder. The string heddles would need to be replaced.  This has been unused & dry stored in her barn for a number of years .  The overall dimensions of the loom are roughly : 86"w x 40"d x 74"h

I am selling this on behalf of a family friend : if you have any questions I would be more than happy to pass them onto the owner.  Buyer to collect from Saffron Walden. Essex.



£990 ono

Contact: R. Jeffery
Tel: 07814 508 291
Advertised Since: Thursday 23 August 2012