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Floor Looms

Dobby looms, Jacquard looms and tapestry looms follow in separate sections


Having trouble setting up your loom?  In a muddle with warping?

It can be so frustrating when all you want to do is start not call in the Loom Wizard?  I will travel to you to help you to sort out any problems you are experiencing with your loom.  With over 25 years of experience with all types of hand looms (excluding dobby looms) I have set up and fine tuned numerous looms.  I can also help with warping and tie-ups.  

I am prepared to travel within a radius of 50 miles of Midhurst, West Sussex.

"Having had over 2 weeks of frustration with my counterbalance loom, I contacted Hilary in,
 despair, she quickly came to the rescue, spotted the problems, retied the heddles & treadles
 so that I am happily  weaving again- marvellous!"   Janice

"Hilary came to my rescue when I had borrowed a small Lillstina Floor Loom that was in need of some restoration.  With great anticipation of weaving again after 25 years I suddenly felt completely helpless and frustrated having no idea where to begin or who to ask for help.  Hilary arrived, repair kit in hand and tackled the problem with enthusiasm and know how. She reconstructed the parts that weren’t functioning leaving me all set up ready to start; I have been happily weaving rugs since.  The Loom is now in a very good state, which makes warping up much simpler. Thank you very much Hilary."  Daphne


£20 per hour (includes travelling time) plus 40p per mile

Contact: Hilary Charlesworth
Tel: 01730 817191
Advertised Since: Sunday 14 April 2013


I have some floor loom parts to give away... front and back beams etc.  Collection from West Sussex.  For more details, please telephone.


Contact: Jo Smith
Tel: 01243 543 778
Advertised Since: Friday 09 October 2015

WANTED: Hattersley Domestic Treadle Loom (MK1 or MK2) or other treadle loom

Wanted: Hattersley Domestic Treadle Loom (MK1 or MK2) or other treadle loom in order to start a small weaving studio. Ideally in complete working condition, but all looms or parts of looms considered. Happy to collect from all parts of UK or Ireland and possibly even arrange shipping of looms abroad.  

Tel: 07706 067 569
Advertised Since: Sunday 20 September 2015

1. Leclerc Nilus II Floor Loom

Leclerc Nilus II floor loom, weaving width 45"   Harness Jack type with 6 treadles, 4 shafts, metal heddles, solid lovely maple wood.  Perfect for weaving any type of fibre from rugs to fine linens.
The back beam folds in even with a warp on it, reducing the footprint if you have limited space.
Comes with one reed, a few lease sticks and shuttles.  Collection only from Dunbar.



Contact: Rosalie Monod de Froidville
Tel: 07908 306 509
Advertised Since: Friday 22 April 2016

2. Glimakra Rug/Tapestry Loom

52" wide two shaft Glimakra Rug/Tapestry loom.  As new with warping pegs on the back and the original instructions and mallet.  Collection only from East Sussex.


Contact: Tessa Deverill
Tel: 01825 713 392
Advertised Since: Friday 22 April 2016

8. Schacht Mighty Wolf

Schacht Mighty Wolf loom, 36" weaving width, 8 shafts.  Comes with 2" sectional beam installed, Schacht weaving bench, 10 dpi reed, insert eye metal heddles, pick-up sticks, lease sticks, Schacht 12" end-feed shuttle with 17 wooden pirns, Wolf Stroller kit so the loom can be wheeled between rooms when folded.
This loom is in excellent used condition, I am the first owner and bought new in July 2013.
Collection from Gloucester only.


Contact: Lisa Fellows
Tel: 07712 346 946
Advertised Since: Tuesday 08 September 2015

9. Glimakra Standard Countermarch Loom

Glimakra Standard Countermarch Loom

The loom is complete and in really good condition - although it is 28 years old it's had all too little use and looks almost new. Fully working of course, with all that was originally supplied by Glimakra when new.

- 120cm weaving width, vertical countermarch. 10 shafts, 10 pedals.
- It has the accessory sectional warp beam, so you don't need a big warping mill to set it up.
- and it has the second warp beam as well, so you can have mixed warps of different materials in the same project. That's shown mounted on the loom in the photo, but it goes on and off easily and can be left off when not needed.

The loom needs a floor area of around 2.5m x 3m, including working space around it. Included are
- bench
- three reeds, two plain shuttles and a ski shuttle.
- two unused Glimakra tenters
- a quantity of wooden laths
- tie-up cord and more than enough Texsolv heddles

- the original instructions
- and even the Glimakra mallet for knocking in the wedges!

It can be seen in Lyme Regis, Dorset.





£1950 or offer

Contact: John Marriage
Tel: 01297 443 469
Advertised Since: Sunday 03 April 2016

15. Four Shaft Floor Loom

Old pitch pine floor loom for sale. 4 shafts (string heddles) 6 treadles, now dismantled - hence the old, not very clear, photos. Was a good workhorse, much adapted! Approx 40" woven width.
Collection only from Shaftesbury, Dorset SP7

£175 ono

Contact: Emily Scott
Tel: 01747 828 197
Advertised Since: Monday 01 February 2016

17. Walter Arm Biglen floor loom with 6 shafts

Walter Arm Biglen floor loom with 6 shafts.  Dimensions: 140cm high, 124cm wide, 105cm depth.
Used by mother to weave large rugs, but has been in storage for many years.  Stored indoors, with some parts wrapped in plastic,  so in pretty good condition apart from the following:
1) some of the reeds are rusty
2) some of the bolts are missing
3) small easily replaceable rectangle of wood is missing from one side
4) strut on one side of loom has lost its end (see photo), presumably
one could make another strut?

Loom currently in Durham just south of Newcastle upon Tyne. Please contact
us if you would like to see more photos, and I can email them to you.
There is a  metal table loom which you would be welcome to take also


£250 ono

Contact: The Lindseys
Tel: 07733 985 820 or 01913 868 536
Advertised Since: Thursday 30 April 2015

19. Glimakra Ideal Floor Loom

This floor loom has never been erected hence never used.  It has been stored in the spare bedrooms after various house moves since the late 1980's.  One rubber foot is missing.   It comes with a stool.  I do have transport to deliver it, the cost being negotiable or collection from Cardiff.


Contact: Julie Morse
Tel: 07977 766 006
Advertised Since: Monday 14 September 2015

20. Louet Delta 110, 12 shaft floor loom

This loom is 110cm, 12 shaft Counter Marche loom.  The dimensions are 140 x 100 x 128cm
It is just 2 years old, in 'as new' condition and in perfect working order.
I am selling it because I have the opportunity of upgrading to a Dobby loom.
I do love this loom, it is robust but a joy to work with. It is delightfully engineered and made of a light coloured Ash.
For further details see

I am happy to answer any questions or arrange a visit.  Collection only from Surbiton, Surrey

£3500 ono

Contact: Joan Scriven
Tel: 07932 116 932
Advertised Since: Wednesday 25 November 2015

22. Toika Floor Loom

Toika Floor Loom
4/8 shafts, 6/10 treadles, string heddles, assorted reeds, shuttles, warping sticks and some yarn, fitted bench.  Full assembly instructions.
This loom weaves beautifully and has had one lady owner from new before me. It has been looked after well in the short time i have had it. Personal reasons forces sale or I would not be parting with this loom.
Please feel free to message/email me for more info.
Collection only from Mansfield, Nottingham.


Contact: Jayne Woodbridge
Tel: 07720 771 387
Advertised Since: Sunday 18 January 2015

23. Leclerc 4 Shaft Artisat 36" Floor Loom

Leclerc 4 Shaft Artisat 36" Floor Loom
Excellent condition, very compact folding to a depth of 14" with warp on.  Sale includes 7 Shuttles, 1 Reed, Heddles, large amount of Spacers and an assortment of Stick Shuttles, plus many other items of equipment.
Also included are 19 excellent condition weaving books and an assortment of weaving magazines.
Please phone for more details and photos,
Collection only from South West Dorset Area.

£750 ono

Contact: F. Lancaster
Tel: 01202 699 676
Advertised Since: Monday 19 January 2015


155 x hard wood dobby loom lags for 16 shafts,  upper surface measures 350 mm tip to tip top by 17 mm wide
underside measures 300mm tip to tip by 8 mm wide,  sloping side of lag measure 13 mm
centre of hole 1 to centre of hole 16 measures 255 mm,  centre to centre of each hole measures 19mm
a sample lag can be posted.


£150 ono

Contact: Carolyn Wallis
Tel: 01252 725 812
Advertised Since: Tuesday 05 January 2016

DL1. AVL Technical Dobby Loom

AVL Macclesfield build Technical Dobby Loom Ser. 00137.  16 Shaft 1.5m (60") weaving width with double-box fly shuttle and overhead beater.  Converted from the all mechanical dobby system to computer operation using the LIPS interface.  Includes:  Two warp beams, one sectional with hoops at 1" spacing.  Tension Box for sectional warping.  Automatic cloth advance system.  Overhead beater with double shuttle boxes.  Reed (s).  Warp tensioning.  Built in bench.  44 Spool Rack.  LIPS interface with power supply.  PC and monitor with stand and Fiberworks 2.15 Enhanced software for design and weave.   

Collection from Darlington, Co. Durham.  Transport locally could be arranged.  

All sensible offers considered.

Contact: Mike Frankton
Tel: 01325 350 415
Advertised Since: Thursday 25 February 2016

DL2. 24 Shaft George Wood Dobby Loom

24 shaft George Wood Loom with 3 box fly shuttle.  Collection form East London.


£500 open to offers

Contact: Kate West
Tel: 07766 024 195
Advertised Since: Monday 25 April 2016

DL3. 16 Shaft Dobby Loom

46" weaving width 16 shaft mechanical dobby floor loom.  Good condition, complete with 2 back warp beams.
Fully functional, can be seen assembled.  All equipment included: 2 reeds, 2 wooden shuttles, warping frame,
metal bobbin winder and some unused yarns (mainly linen).
Collection from North West London.

£800 ono

Contact: Gabriele Herzog
Tel: 07815 071 897
Advertised Since: Thursday 28 April 2016

DL4. Rare 24 peg Dobby Loom

Rare, 24 peg Dobby loom. Ex. Welsh woolen mill?  Single treddle. 3 box, drop fly shuttle.
Stands apx. 6'6" square and apx. 8' tall.  Buyer to dismantle and collect from Watton, Norfolk.


Contact: Rosemary Durrant
Tel: 01953 788 040
Advertised Since: Wednesday 16 March 2016

DL21. George Wood Loom Frame

36" with 3 box fly shuttle, 16 shaft Robert Hall mechanical dobby head and quantity of industrial shafts - needs some DIY skills to restore shuttle boxes and adjust dobby and assemble as a working loom - only £450 - could help assemble at reasonable rate(£80/day+ travel) within 50 of mile radius of mid wales.


Contact: Steve Attwood-Wright
Tel: 01686 670793 (Shropshire/Mid Wales Border)
Advertised Since: Friday 06 November 2009

Glimakra Rug/Tapestry Loom

see Floor Loom no: 2 for more details.

Advertised Since: Friday 22 April 2016

TL1. Varpapuu Tapestry Floor Loom

Varpapu Tapestry floor Loom ht180cm depth 58cm width 1.37cm    good condition 2 shaft Finnish loom .can be dismantled as joints labelled,includes 1m warping square
buyer collects from north devon 


Contact: Caroline Bennett
Tel: 01598 710 651
Advertised Since: Thursday 10 December 2015

TL2. Frame Loom

This is a beautiful frame loom in solid maple, extremely strong, which can be used for rugs or tapestry. It has inlaid marks at intervals of one inch and four inches on both beams; and the top beam adjusts easily to control tension. It is 38 inches wide, 60 inches high and available in North London. 


Contact: Geoff Hooper
Tel: 0208 446 0352
Advertised Since: Friday 22 January 2016